[X] File Name Won't Convert Into Tag

I tried to convert file name into tags.
The select format string box looks ok I then proceed with clicking ok and the conversion process starts with no errors then the box with "Tag derived from 15 of 15" displays ok, like it was able to copy to tags, but nothing was written to the tag fields.

I've use this function before and for some unknow reason it's not working?
These are MP3 files and some MP4

Need Help



Does the preview look o.k.?

Yes the preview does come out correctly as per attachment.Mp3tagPreview.txt (1.96 KB)

Mp3tagPreview.txt (1.96 KB)

Check the options for the tag formats you are writing to and reading from. If you are writing to ID3v2 tags and reading the APE tags, the display will always show the APE tags instead of the ID3v2 tags that you just changed.

What I did was to remove Mp3tag program completely and reinstalled.
The files that appeared not to convert into tags showed up in the new installation tag after all, but was not showing that on the previous installation, kind of weird.

These are my settings in the attached image is there anything I need to change?

Thank You


Those settings are OK, it's really personal preference though. I'm guessing on your old installation Read APE was disabled, so you were writing to APE tags but only reading ID3 tags.

Those settings are not for mp3 files. You need to look in Tags > Mpeg

Thanks for the reply

Can you please give me appropriate settings that is standred and is mpeg tagging supported?
Do I need to set some options to support mpeg tagging if availible.



I think these are the default settings:

Yes these are the settings that I found after new installation, but it seems a bit confusing?

It Reads: ID3v1+2
Then Writes: ID3v1+2
Then Removes: ID3v1+2

I Don't understand this at all? :huh:

Is the program able to tag video files like mpg, ect? :unsure:

Thanks for your Help on this


The options do seem a bit strange. The options you have enabled for Read means that those are the tags that will be visible when viewing files in MP3Tag. If you have more than one format selected, the highest "priority" format that exists in each file will be shown (APE>ID3v2>ID3v1).

Write means it will write to only the selected formats when you change or add a tag value. If you are writing to only ID3v1, but reading ID3v2, you will never see the changes you made until you disable reading of ID3v2.

Remove will strip the selected tag formats when you do Ctrl+R (Remove tags), or "Remove field" from the Extended Tags dialog. If your files have all three tag formats and you only have Remove ID3v1 checked, and you try to delete a field, it will leave that field in ID3v2 and APE, but remove that field from ID3v1.

I think this method is a bit convoluted. MP3Tag should read and display ALL available tags and formats, and have a "Tag Format" toggle button on the Toolbar to swap between the display each format.

Marked as "No Bug".

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