[X] File naming bug

I use mp3tag to do most but not all of my tag editing. When leaving mp3tag open after modifying a number of fields for a number of mp3 files, I also run each mp3 in winamp to get the vbr bit rate of each file where each file will have a different bit rate. While finding this value using winamp, I enter the bit rate number into the comment field of the mp3 file tag and in addition add the name to name field using winamp. I add this bit rate number to the end of the file name using mp3tags file renaming feature but a renaming problem arises when you don't refresh all the files in mp3tag first. So might I suggest a simple fix to mp3tag that when it performs the file renaming routine that it does a refresh first to retrieve the latest tag information before it renames the files file name. That should solve this problem.

Why don't you use %_bitrate% in Mp3tag to rename the files?

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