[X] filename-to-tag extraction not always working

i think that as of version 2.44 (also 2.44b) sometimes the program does not do this at all.
e.g.: the converter is applied with
%track% - %title% - %artist%
on a file
04 - Fear Theme - Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited.mp3
preview shows desired result.
at the bottom left appears a message: tag from filename successfully extracted and written.
But actually no tag shows. In winamp though the tags are there, id1 and id2. so mp3tag doesn't read the tags, even at refresh or reload.
now, it works when I have mp3tag erase the tags, and repeat the process.

Do you have reading of APEv2 at Options > Tags > Mpeg enabled but writing disabled? If so, disable reading as well and try again.

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I did that and it works. Tags that the file already has are read correctly, and when overwritten appear updated as well.

Do you look at this as a bug? As a user it feels like it.
Thank you very much for your help and immediate response.

It's not a bug.

As you can read from the help file, the tags are read in the order ID3v1 < ID3v2 < APEv2 (so ID3v2 is prioritised above ID3v1 and APEv2 above ID3v2).

Does the combination 'don't read - but do write' make any sense at all?

For example if you want to transfer information from ID3v2 to APEv2.

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