[X] FLAC Embed Artwork VERY SLOW


First, thank you for your great software!

Since FLAC was added to the list of formats that would except embedded album art, I've noticed that the action of adding the art to FLAC is really slow compared to other formats.

Is there are particular reason for this?



If the file was not created with padding included, the whole file needs to be rewritten when embedded artwork is added.

Is there anything to be done about this? (adding art faster) I have about 13,000 files that need art added, and at about 1 every 2 minutes, it will be a long process.

PS Just started using the program. I like it, but a little bit of graphic tree structure for the files might be useful.

Are the files on a local drive? Unfortunately, the files have to be rewritten if they don't contain padding, so this process is time-consuming.

This tree is already available in Windows Explorer. You can use drag'n'drop between the programs.

For the big batch, I ended up using Media Monkey, because it allows a buffer/batch - you can tell it what files to add art to sequentially, then just let it run all day long rewriting files. If MP3Tag has this option, I didn't find it. Still hoping to use MP3Tag for smaller tasks and for text-only changes, though.

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