[X] Flac-Files: Vorbis Comments Can't be saved


I have some flac files they only habe id2 tags but no vorbis comments (don't ask me how this happend).

Now i want to convert this id3 tags to vorbis comments. In can't do this (would be a new feature of course).

So I wanted to manually enter the tags and save them. This does not work (maybe because the vorbis comment's does not exist at all) - this is the bug.

Thanks a lot for help.



Sorry, but I have no problems with saving Vorbis Comments to FLAC files without tags. Maybe you can provide an example file?

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Hi Florian

Here is the file to download (exclusive for you):



Could not send you a PM. So i put the link of the file in the above post.


Hi Olaf,

this files is somehow broken. As you can see in the hex-editor, some app wrote ID3v2 frames behind the fLaC header signature.

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Hi Florian

Does this mean that this file is lost?
It's not the only file like this.



Yes, I think so :frowning:

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