[X] FLAC Tagging

I tested it with v2.37a. The problem is that normally FLAC tags are written in big case (ie. ALBUM=... in hex editor), but when we have a file that previously was unproperly tagged in small case (ie. album=...) and choose via context menu to "Save tag" then tag is being corrected, but the problem is that only first letter is big (ie. Album=...). This behavior is a little inconsistent and IMHO should be considered as a bug.

Uhm ... no.

If you're unhappy with your tags' case settings, you can run an action on your tags field names:

Action type: Case conversion
Case conversion: UPPER case

J'm not sure if you fully understood what i meant.

I was taking about how tag names (not that what they contain) are written.

Like in this exapmle:

reference libFLAC 1.1.2 20050205........album artist=Various Artists

I meant casing of tag names, like "album artist", not casing of "Various Artists".

Dito :slight_smile:

The action I've suggested changes the case of the field names to upper-case (like Album to ALBUM).

Indeed, it works :slight_smile:

There is also one thing, is it possible to delete just id3 tags in case we got flac file with vorbis+id3 tags? I find it pretty common, despite its strange. Havent found any way to do this.

You can remove the tags and undo this operation to get the ID3v2 tags removed.

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