[X] folder dialogs freezing

I updated to windows 10 creators edition, and now all of the dialog popup's are freezing, they all used to work fine in windows 10 version 1511

Works fine with my creators version of W10.

Havew you changed the way to install MP3tag (from local to portable or vice versa)?
If so: do you have sufficient access rights for the installation folder and all the other possible locations (see here for options: /t/964/1 )
Have you tried to rename the file mp3tag.cfg and start MP3tag with a fresh configuration?
This is what I would check right now.

I'm having the same problem on the latest version of mp3tag and I don't have the update yet. It has nothing to do with I. It started happening when k got the latest version of mp3tag.

And what are your findings to the checks I suggested?

PS: I don't understand what "I" and "k" should mean, though.

I have it working for now, I just uninstalled it, deleting all files in the appdata folder, then reinstalled the standard version without unchecking any options


or maybe not, its something todo with the mp3tag folder in your user :\temp folder, already existing or being deleted when mp3tag is open, then the dialogs start to freeze again

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