[X] freedb problem

Tag sources function doesn't work for all albums. It was broken for some time now, but 2.39d seems to be fixing this issue. But it still doesn't work like it should, I guess. I've tried to tag this soundtrack album:
Battlestar Galactica: Season Three by Bear McCreary

I've been using option "determine from selected files" but message box telling that "no suitable entry was found for freedb ID e2129115" has popped-up at me.

I've searched database at freedb.org and have found record I searched for: Disc-ID: soundtrack / 19128f15

Then I compared tracklist with times of my files loaded in mp3 tag. There wasn't any difference bigger than 1 second and the tracks was ordered correctly, but still this record was not found by mp3tag. When I entered disc ID manually, mp3tag successfully found the record.

When I was doing this I had all files selected in mp3tag.

Calculation of freedb IDs based on the file name is not always accurate since the file length and offsets differ from the table of contents (TOC) of the original audio CD. This is not a bug but a limitation of the feature.

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