[X] Genre column value will not be saved

Hello Florian,

If I modify a "Genre" entry in the main window and try to save
by pressing CTRL+S or the Save icon, the modification get lost.
In order to save or update the "Genre", I need to change the focus in another field
s. screenshot

Thank you for your assistance and your contribution to this project
Happy New Year

The Save-Button and keyboard shortcut Ctrl-S refer to saving the data in the tag-panel to the files.
You are quite right: in the files list, the modified data gets saved to a file if you move the focus to another field or file.

Why is there a special "save" function for data in the tag panel:
I would explain it like that: As the modifications in the tag panel apply to all the selected files and you can have thousands of selected files, it would slow down editing enormously if you had to wait for thousands of files to get updated when you move the focus from one field in the tag panel to another. So there has to be a way to tell MP3tag that you have finished editing and that you want to save the modifications.

If you edit in the files list, then you treat only one file at a time. The event that you have finished editing takes place as soon as you leave the field.

I wouldn't call this behaviour a bug.

The menu function "Save tag" works well as designed, it saves the current meta data record to file.

While working in a grid cell, being in edit mode, the call of the menu function "Save tag" stores the entire currently unchanged meta data record to the underlying file.

One have to take into account, when "Save" has been invoked, then any open edit process in a grid cell will be closed automatically, and a pending edit session will be discarded.

So you have to adapt your workflow:

  1. Open the grid cell for editing.
  2. Do the textual editing.
  3. Confirm and store the change by pressing Enter.


No, it doesn't. Nothing works to save the Genre tag. I've tried the following:

  1. Change Genre tag. Highlight the filename. Click the Save icon in the toolbar.
  2. Change Genre tag. Highlight the filename. Click File > Save tag.
  3. Change Genre tag. Hit Enter to move to the next line. Then #1
  4. Change Genre tag. Hit Enter to move to the next line. Then #2.


When I exit Mp#tag, reopen it, then reload the files where the Genre tags have supposedly been changed, the tags appear to have been changed. But when I open those same files in any other audio program (I've tried 3 so far), the Genre tags are NOT changed.

I'm not a new user of Mp3tag. I've done this before and it worked (but it's been a while). Something is definitely wrong.

Which audio program?

Using Mp3tag 2.78 there is no problem on saving the GENRE tag, ...
even multi-value GENRE tags are possible.

Maybe in your case there are different tag types attached to the media file, ...
e. g. ID3v2.x and APE.


The handling sequence is actually the other way round:

  1. Highlight the file. Change the Genre field. Save.

If you enter something in the Genre field without saving first, then selecting another file makes MP3tag read the information from that file.
Any "save" function saves that what is already there. No change happens as you observed.

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