[X] id3v2.3 tag ordering has changed

Below is an excerpt of a web sources script I'm using heavily for tagging audio files. The script inserts two COMMENT tags. The first tag is "COMMENT", the second one is "COMMENT KEYWORDS". This is perfectly legal from the spec point of view and also has been discussed earlier here in this forum.
In previous builds the order of the sayuntil statements determined the order of the tags in the mp3 file. Because Windows XP, winamp and most hardware mp3 players usually display only the first COMMENT tag the new behaviour (COMMENT KEYWORDS is always inserted before COMMENT) is a big problem for me. I do not want to see keywords were I used to get the mp3 description before.
I do not have access to all previous betas, but I am sure that the ordering has been changed in between mp3tag 2.39n (works fine) and 2.39o (tag ordering is fixed, COMMENT KEYWORDS is always first).

Please let me know if you need more infos...

if "Inhaltsangabe:"

    outputto "COMMENT"
    moveline 1
    findinline ">"
    joinuntil "</td>"

    killtag "br" "~~~"
    killtag "*"
    regexpreplace "~~~" "\D\A"

    sayuntil "</td>"

# --- Comment with content description "Keywords"
gotoline 1
findline "Schlagwörter:" 1 1
findinline "><i>" 1 1
if "Schlagwörter:"

    outputto "COMMENT KEYWORDS"

    # outputto "KEYWORDS"
    # sayoutput "COMMENT KEYWORDS"

    moveline 1
    findinline ">"
    sayuntil "</td>"

The order of the tag fields in the file is not specified anywhere and might change at any time.

Yes, it is not documented. At least not officially. I remember that I based my script on tips given here in the forum.
IMHO, it would be great if mp3tag offers the ability to influence the physical tag order - as it was possible in versions until 2.39n - if tag ordering is relevant to hard- and software players. I have no problem to rewrite my script and/or to re-tag my files, but I dont see how I could achieve the correct tag order in this special case.

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