[X] ID3v2.UTF-16 Tags not recognised if the audio file has a Title field with special Characters in it

Problem Description :
ID3v2.3 UTF-16 Tags not recognised if the audio file has a Title field with special Characters in it.

Additional Info :
Mp3Tag Version : 2.72 using WineBottler wrapper on OS X EL Capitan 10.11.1
Audio File Type : MPEG-4 (M4A)

I know that there is no support for the version that I am using. But I feel this is not an issue with the wrapper. I am new to Mp3Tag and already loving it. I could not find any similar threads so I am starting a new one.

The Tag fields for my audio files are empty if it has the Title that contains “,? [] , also I cannot edit them manually(The access to those files are restricted) even though the file has write permissions to it.

If this issue is a double to any other bug can any one please give me a workaround if any (I want those special characters on my title field).

I have attached a screen shot for your assistance.


How do you know the files have tags at all?
Also, I see that there are files that have a ' in it.
If you cannot edit the files, you have to make sure that you are member of the owners.
I do not see a bug but a problem with your environment.

Hi ohrenkino,

All the files are tagged properly itunes,Tagr, Kid3, beaTunes4, MediaMonkey on Wine, Yate all show these tags and i can edit them.
Yes I am the member of the owner.


could you check if you have APE tags in the unwilling files?
They overwrite ID3V2 and V1 contents.
What about those files that have a ' in the title - you claimed that they could not be read.

No The files do not have APE tags. I have done the previous tagging using mediamonkey in windows 10.
There is no issue with a ' as you can see from the first picture ( The word "3's" appeared and tags for those appeared).

Problem is seen for ? [] "" all the time.

Here is a thread that also reports problems with m4a files.


It looks as though Nero and VBR are a problem.

In the Link provided above user is not able to see only “Album” tag. But here in this case I cannot see any of the tags. Mp3Tag seems like fail to recognise the version(type) of the tagging itself.

I just figured out the real problem its not the Title tag of the audio file its the name of the file itself.

I renamed a file (Ex: Rated “U” For Ugly.m4a -> Rated U For Ugly.m4a), Now Mp3Tag recognises all the tagging.
Once again I changed it to( Rated “U” For Ugly) now the Mp3Tag fails to recognise the tag.

See this Microsoft article on valid or reserved characters:
at least the ? is an illegal character - and I think the " is also not valid as it encloses whole filenames with blanks in them for the command line.

You OS emulator should take care of correct filenames ...

Hey Thank you for your help. I will add replacements while naming my audio files so that all the tags are recognized by Mp3Tag.

I suspect that the filename gets truncated behind the invalid character so that in the end the extension of the filename is missing and mp3tag relies on a valid use of the extension to identify the method to access the tags. You would get the same result if you renamed a mp3 file to flac: no tags would be shown.

Ya that might be the root cause. Most of the Tag editing software I used in the past do not have this issue be that on MAC or WINDOWS.

I was an extensive user of Mediamonkey back then when I had a Windows machine, all the tags of the same audio files used to appear. Even after changing to MAC the native TAG editing applications displayed all the tags. But those applications don't even come half way down to MediaMonkey/Mp3Tag(Believe me I have tried close to 15 applications) .
MediaMonkey do not run smooth on WINE hence I opted for always reliable Mp3Tag. I have no other issues to complain except this one.

As you told above Mp3Tag might not be able to recognizes the extension of the file due to the Special characters.
I still believe that Mp3Tag must be able to read those Tags even if the file name had those special characters as other applications which are nothing close to the excellence of Mp3Tag can read the tags of those audio files.

Maybe there is an issue.
I have a similar problem with files downloaded from Google Play.
(Using v2.72 under Win10).
Tags are there but not recognized (see screenshot).
Files from other sources work fine.
ErrorLog file is 0 Bytes.

The given screenshot does not help in any way, ...
please provide a screenshot of the header line of the window from the dialog "Extended Tags... [Alt+T]" for one suspect file.


Learn about best practices and conventions for creating cross-platform filenames ...


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