[X] IDv1 tag is *not* removed when must be

Affected: I checked 2.39 (stable) and 2.39l (latest development) builds.

How to reproduce

  1. Set "Mp3tag options/Tags/Mpeg": Read: All; Write: "ID3v2.3 utf-16" Remove: All
  2. Open any mp3-file tagged only by ID3v1 tag.
  3. Click "Save"

Now both tags are presented in file: (ID3v1 ID3v2.3). But only ID3v2.3 should survive.

The scenario above is as documented in FAQ, section "Tags", question #8, hence keeping ID3v1 is not a feature, but bug.

Concerning sending Mp3tagError.log from Mp3tag's data directory, as requested by "Read me first" topic of this forum: I can't send it, because no such file in. And, it' can't be here, because I have no write permissions in %PROGRAM FILES% directory.

Tags are only removed when you remove them via File > Remove tag or :mt_del:

Kind regards,

P.S. The data directory is %APPDATA%\Mp3tag

Hm... Thanks, this is so indeed. I would suggest a new feature: perform all in one-click, both writing requested (e.g. ID3v2) tags and removing unwanted (e.g. ID3v1) tags.

Thanks, I was confused by presence of the "/data" directory.

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