[X] Import text file

I am Japanese. I am sorry that English is strange.

I got garbled when I got the text (UTF - 8) made with Lyrics Master as lyrics.

The text (UTF - 8) output by MP3TAG can be retrieved without garbled characters.

OK.txt (1.13 KB)

NG.txt (1.12 KB)

I examined it for a while.

The difference between the two files was the presence or absence of BOM of UTF - 8.

I will report this to the Lyrics Master who made the text file.

See Tools>Options>Export
where you can set whether reports should be created with or without BOM.

I understood that it is possible to choose the presence or absence of BOM in the output. Thank you.

It is garbled with text input without BOM.

I concluded that I should add a BOM by myself.

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