[X] In ID3v2.4 covers are broken

If I generated ID3v2.4 Tags with covers, so these covers are broken. The covers are not recognize by my Samsung Jet device and not recognize in the Windows-Explorer-context-menu with XnView-Extension, or show it broken (splashed in bricks). Only if i deleted Tags and rewrite it in iTunes in ID3v2.4 the covers are avaible at the Samsung Jet device and in the context-menu. It is insufficient to change the ID3v2.4 on Option in iTunes, so Mp3Tag show "BAD! ID3V2.4". I must delete Tag an rewrite it in iTunes.

I think this is an Bug in Mp3Tag2.46a, that Devices an any Programs can't show covers or show it broken.

There are a couple of posts in this forum that complain about broken V2.4 tags.
As the V2.4 standard is still in discussion it is most advisable to use the V2.3 version instead to ensure best compatibility.
It is very hard to comply if you do not know with what you should comply.

No, I think it is finished.

When other programs don't show you ID3v2.4 covers from Mp3tag it means they don't completely support v2.4 or have bugs.

how can it be that all devices and all programs i have, can read iTunes ID3v2.4 Tags, but not from "MP3Tag 2.46a" ?

I like "MP3Tag 2.46a", no other Program iso so easy to Tagging Mp3. The functions to Tagging from Filename or from Filename to Tag are so genial.

When Mp3tag writes ID3v2.4 tags it applies "Unsynchronisation" to the covers which seems to be a problem for other programs that don't support that part of the ID3v2 standard.

Hallo dano,
wie ich sehe kommst Du auch aus Deutschland.

Schade, es sieht für mich ein bisschen aus, als würde das Programm Mp3Tag NIE Fehler haben....
Und nur die anderen sind Schuld. (Sogar Samsung und Sony...., Apple könnte ich ja noch verstehen, die sind ja gegen alles)

Vielleicht kann man ja mal einen "Kompatiblitäts-Modus" programmieren und mit in das Optionsfeld einbauen.
z.B. -->ID3v2.4 (iTunes kompatibel) (Achtung! entspricht nicht der Spezifikation)

oder so änhlich.

Das wäre echt prima, dann bräuchte ich nicht zwischen den Programmen wechseln.

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