[X] Incompatibility

Hi, drummer here. I want to ask something because I don't know what's wrong.

(Excuse my poor english please)

1.- I used to have the mp3tag v4.5 (this was only one month functional) and now is the v2.37 why is that?, there is another version? maybe a comercial version that is more powerfull and complete than the actual v2.37.

2.- I have zortam media studio, for editing the tags of mp3 too (I use this program mainly for the pictures editing, because you can set if is the front cover or the back or the logo etc.).
Then the version of mp3tag 4.5 and zortam where compatibles in every tag, but now mp3tag v2.37 and zortam aren't compatibles anymore ...I'm going to the datails now...

I edited the lyrics of a mp3 file . then I've opened this file with zortam, and there where extrange simbols like
З— (by copy and paste, but it looks like a Ð|| to mee in the screen) on the title tag.
The same happens on the album.
On the number of track there is this P-— – –Ø•—i
year P-— – –à4—
codification P-— – – \—i
composer à–—
And the lyrics are gone

Remember that those problems arose on zortam, but in mp3tag v.37 all is fine...

So I'm worried about compatibility ...because in a near future some devices are going to read all this information and is going to display it for us.

So I "Need" to know what is happening, I'm looking for good compatibility, I don't want to read in my IPod (or whatever device like this) a P-— – –à4— in the year.

I don't have an Ipod so I can make the test.

Well I want to finish this post by saying that I would be very gratefull, if you answer me this questions. Goodbye and that you very much.

1.) You were using another commercial product from ManiacTools which unfortunately has the same name (although it was released later). There is no crippled version of Mp3tag from this site - you get all the power and all features for free.

2.) See here

Not a bug.


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