[X] Incorrect display of Bitrate, Frequentie, Length and Codec

Amazed to see all 128kBit/s, 44.100 Hz, MPEG 1.0 Layer 3 files displayed by v2.37c between 16 - 448 kBit/s, between 12000 – 48000 Hz and as MPEG 1 Layer I,II,III or MPEG 2 Layer I,II,III or MPEG 2.5 Layer II. I really checked these files with different tools, but in my opinion what Mp3Tag v2.37c displays is not correct. Can you confirm this as a bug?

Uhm, nope.

You can send me one example file for testing though.


I added an Explorer and a MP3Tag printscreen and the MP3-file (I think because nowhere does it show that I added files to this reply). Advise plz.

Just send it to my email address.

There is some garbage in the front of this file. foobar2000's Utils > Rebuild MP3 stream fixes the problems with this file.


Your right, Foobar2000 solved the problem with these set of MP3 files.

But the strange thing is that only MP3Tag showed this incorrect data. Windows Explorer and MP3 Tag Tools all showed the correct data without the need for Foobar2000. So, is MP3Tag more sensitive or does it use different data to determine bitrate, frequencie, length and codec?

I think it's simply more sensitive because I got tired in implementing workarounds for apps producing broken files.

Glad that fb2k solved your problems with these files.

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