[X] incorrect value in field WAV file

Hi! I use last version 2.79.

in VBR field for WAV files i see value: CBR.
This field for WAV file should be left blank?!

See screenshot.

And next bug...

Change column positions with mouse cursor in main window takes place is not properly (random).

Please fix it. Thanks.

Hmm, ... a media file of type WAV does have a constant bitrate, isn't it so?


in version 2.73, this field was empty with same file.

CBR or VBR - for mp3 files, isn't it so?

in version 2.73 no matedata of wav files was read by MP3tag. wav file support was added in V2.76 (see http://www.mp3tag.de/en/changelog.html)

well, how about columns?

Yes, how about them?

hold down mouse button and move column in main window (filename, album, publisher etc..), release mouse button and column will in random position

I cannot reproduce this.
If I grab a column header and drag it along, a coloured divider between columns is moved as well and shows where to the left of that divider the column will be placed. Does not seem to be random to me.

Maybe you are using something in the background or have docked some window on the screen?

Any tweaks to your system?

Maybe you have way-too-high-end mouse?

[I never had such problems with columns]

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