[X] ISO-8859-1 Problems with ID3v2 tags

Since version 2.33 Mp3tag supports Unicode. For compatibility with devices, which do not fully support unicode, in these versions Mp3tag offers the option to write ID3v2 tags in ISO-8859-1. (see /t/2785/1. This worked fine for a long time with the Archos Gmini 200 e.g., since this player can read unicode tags only partly resulting in an alphabetic sort order when playing a directory (should be ordered by track number).

BUT, starting with version 2.37a (?) ISO-8859-1 ID3v2 tags seem to be written differently, since the sort order on the player is mixed up again. When I use the old 2.32a version (which obviously write ID3v2 tags in ISO-8859-1 by default) to overwrite the ISO-8859-1 tags from v2.37 everything is fine again. Of course mp3tag runs on a system with unicode support (XP SP2). Just in case that this has low priority, it would be also helpfull to make v2.36 available again, wich as far as I remember worked o.k. with respect to the above issue.

Thank's a lot for the great program!


Hello RĂ¼diger,

I don't think that there are any problems with Mp3tag ISO-8859-1 support. In fact, the old v2.32a uses the system codepage instead of ISO-8859-1 which is not according to the ID3v2 standard.

I've also compared the source of ID3v2 library using my source control system and there where no changes regarding ISO-8859-1 writing during this time.

Best regards,

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