[X] Issue in editing Track numbers in asscending form

every time i want to make track numbers in asscending mode in one step when i write for example 1/10 it doesn't make this change instead of this it modifies them all as 1

As I can see from your screenshot you have marked all the files of the album in the right window (column-view). The changes you make in the tag-panel (left window) refer to all marked files, if you save the changes. So if you write "1/10" to the tag-panel all files will get tracknumber "1/10".
If you want to make changes only to 1 file you have to mark only 1 file.

There is a auto-numbering wizard in MP3Tag in Tools-Menue.
Just sort all files to renumber in the right window, mark them and number them with the wizard.

Thanks my friend for your help , complately worked :slight_smile:

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