[X] Issue when applying Actions|Case conversion to tags in greek (the letter Σ should become ς when at the end of a word)

This report is about applying Actions|"Case conversion" to tags in greek
Currently it converts all instances of the greek letter Σ to σ.
eg. ΑΣΣΟΣ --> ασσοσ

But, in greek language, the letter Σ becomes in lowercase:
ς in the end of a word,
σ anywhere else.
eg. ΑΣΣΟΣ --> ασσος

So, it would be great if this was kept when applying Actions|"Case conversion" to tags in greek.

Regarding "case conversion" ... Mp3tag yet does not take into account linguistic specialities, ...
it just changes the lowercase of each letter by letter.

We have already discussed this problem of the end-form of letters in greek language some time ago, somewhere buried here in the forum.

See also ...


Thanks a lot for the reply.
Especially the regexp mentioned in the 2nd link is very helpful.

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