[X] Issues with Freenas share

Not sure if this is a bug or by design.
I keep most of my mp3 library on a Freenas server.
When trying to load a mp3 or flac file from a Windows share on the server,
MP3Tag tries to start then closes without opening the file.

The file system on the Freenas server is ZFS.
OS on my desktop is Windows 10, file system is NTFS.

MP3Tag works OK when opening a local file from my desktop or Laptop machines,
but not from a Freenas share.

Could you check on the NAS if you can and have set the admission to execute programs?
I think it is a problem with the access rights.

Excellent advice.
Had to set the permissions to Everyone/Full Control before MP3Tag would open a file.
Trying lesser permissions to see if Modify will work.

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