[X] ITUNESOWNER Only Removes 1 Name

So the update to remove names with ITUNESOWNER only removes one instance of the name in the file, there is still one more.

You would have to be a bit more outspoken about how you "update to remove names" (?), what the file looked like before, e.g. if the field is a multi-value field.

I just created 2 ITUNESOWNER fields.
I just succeeded to remove them with the help of the extended tags dialogue (alt-T) or as a second way: with an action of the type "Remove tag field".
So how did you do it?

The ITUNESOWNER field refers to the contents of the MP4 ownr atom – there are indeed other occurrences of the account information in the file (outside of the MP4 ownr atom) and which are not removable by Mp3tag.

Kind regards
– Florian

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