[X] Keyboard shortcuts not working

works in 2.45b even if the list does not have focus.
CTRL-A however still only works if the list has focus.
Likewise, all keyboard shortcuts to fields in the left pane do not work if the list has focus.

This is by intention. [Ctrl+A] selects text if the Tag Panel or the Filter has the focus and files if the file list has the focus.

The keyboard mnemonics to the fields in the Tag Panel only work if the Tag Panel is focused.

True. But is it optimal?
Personally I most often find, that I need to a) tag all files and then :sunglasses: get back to a field in the tag panel.
Currently I have to either use the mouse in between or use Ctrl+Tab.

That beside, I do not find Ctrl+A to be consistent with Ctrl+U, Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+A who all works even if the tag panel has focus.

Yes obviously. And it would IMHO be usefull if that was not the case. If you could use the shortcuts globally.
Apropos, the shortcuts does select all text in a field. I wonder how often I have stood in the middle of a text field in the tag panel and needed to select the whole field again. I don't think I ever have. Giving support to the notion that Ctrl+A might be better spend only on the file list.

Thank you for your work. :slight_smile:

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