[X] Loading tags for band "W.A.S.P." duplicates tag text

When loading any music by the band W.A.S.P. anytime I load the tags or save any information MP3Tag will "duplicate" the text in Artist, Album Name & Genre.

For instance if I load the album "The Best Of The Best 1984-2000" which currently has Artist "W.A.S.P." and Genre "Heavy Metal" it will instantly change to:

Album "The Best Of The Best 1984-2000\\The Best Of The Best 1984-2000"
Artist "W.A.S.P.\\W.A.S.P."
Genre "Heavy Metal\\Heavy Metal"

Even double clicking one of the affected tag fields replicates the issue.

Perhaps to do with the fullstop at the end of W.A.S.P.? This is the band's "official" name.

Need any more info just ask. MP3Tag is upto date.

It looks as if there your mentioned tags are multi-value.
Checkt with Alt-T (Extended Tag menue) if these tags appear double.
You can delete one you don't want.

MP3tag separates two fields with the same name with the double-backslash.

Yeah had a look and is doubled. I manually delete all the duplicate entries, hit OK and they just reappear.

If I even save the tags on any of these songs by W.A.S.P. I have it create multiple tags, not just duplicate but it will just endlessly add extra everytime saved.

On playing a bit can't even blank or clear the tags - trying to do so again just automatically populates them and saving any further creates duplicates.


Doing some research - looks like the issue below:


Which means MP3Tag team is aware.

Obviously the issue is from whoever originally encoded as all the files are from the same source.

You may provide a small test file on a file hoster for downloading.


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