[X] Local Freedb Problem

Sorry for double post but nobody answered me. I have a problem with my local freedb database, I had done that database from unix to win and than index in mp3tag just like it is written in pdf help. Problem is when I want to give id3tag from that local database to my album or my mp3 then mp3tag dont answer and win write me message that mp3tag dont response and I have to shut it down through ctrl+alt+del, is it my problem or is it some bug? If it is my problem can you help me? Can you solve it?

Can anyone confirm this?

I guess a possible problem by the fact "I had done that database from unix to win".
Are there really millions of files (unix version) stored on a Windows system?
Mad Max should explain more details.


Yes, the UNIX format uses one file per entry and it's only possible to store this on a NTFS-based partition.

Yes I had done it from unix to win xp, and I have something about 2,2milion of files. Problem is when I want id3tag it wont response, I find some but when I want to save it - aplicate that tag to my mp3 album mp3tag wont response and I have to shut it down.

It is a problem of the Windows NTFS file system, it won't work with such an enormous amount of files. On a Windows system you better use the Windows version of the FREEDB database.
Take a look into forum /c/


I will check it thank you. And have you got any idea of some quick deleting that 2,2 million of files??? :frowning:


or something else ... :wink:


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