[X] Losing Tags in 2.42


I have close to 10,000 songs in my library. I have copies of songs in FLAC format, as well as OGG (for portable). I had opened up my "FLAC" folder in the current 2.42 build, and now in the 2.42a build and have seen the same problem come up. There would be a random set of songs from different artists and albums that would show blank tags. If I select the song in the list, all of the tags would then populate for that song. Looking in AudioShell's information I could see that the tags were there, even though they may have been blank in Mp3tag at first.

Now, for certain songs (which again is random), the tags are actually being blanked out. AudioShell also confirms this. I have never seen this problem before, and some of these songs have been in my library for over a year when I first ripped them. I have always had AudioShell on my computer as well.

I had asked in a thread in the General section for a previous version of Mp3tag to test a potential error. This is the error I had suggested. At first it was only a phantom removal of tags, now tags are being removed. I had been looking at just one artist (Nine Inch Nails), and the tags for a couple of songs disappeared right in front of my eyes. I loaded the directory and they were all there. I reloaded, and they were gone.

I had the same behaviour in mp3tag with tracks on a usb drive which (i assumed) was going flaky. But the result was that tracks were read in with no tag info, even though there was tag info in the files. Then when you select a track it reads the tag correctly. But if that track gets it tag saved before you select it, the tag in the file is blanked out.

Have you run a chkdsk lately on your music drive?

This drive is only used for music. No problems with anything since I have started using it. Foobar2000 and Audioshell were both reading tags in these files before I opened the directory with Mp3tag version 2.42 (never had this problem prior to version 2.42, but i don't have older versions to try to test again). Also, the drive is in my tower...not on a network. All music was ripped the same way, with EAC using REACT, over a period of about a year.

I really have no idea what's going on, but can you please make sure that you can reproduce this issue also with v2.42b?

I am very reluctant to do so since it was stripping all tags out of random songs. I will try it out, but first I want to create some copies of files to test on.

I will get back to you as soon as I do.

Hey Florian,

I installed 2.42b and first tested a copy FLAC files from random artists. I did not see any additional files with tags missing...only those from when I was using 2.42 and 2.42a. So, I braved it, and tried out my entire FLAC collection. There were no additional loss of tags in my FLAC library (I only tested the FLACs as they were the ones that had the problem).

One thing I didn't notice until now, is that the 223 files (out of 9357) that lost tags are from Artists starting with the letter "M" or after (includes Various Artists). The songs are random, and not every album is affected in the range. Wonder if it was a read or a cache issue. Dunno. I will keep an eye on this and let you know if anything happens.

Thanks a lot! It's really important to me to track down these issues and make sure, whether there even is a problem in the latest build.

Please let me know as soon as you (or anyone who reads this) notice something like that again.

Kind regards,

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