[X] Lyric bug

Cannot shown English correctly

download to test

I don't see a problem here.

The screenshot shows a file with lyrics, where the language identifier is set to 'eng' which is the correct abbreviation according to ISO-639-2 (see Mp3tag Help: Tag field mappings for a description).

How to let Mp3tag do not add Engll automatically?

The lyrics tag needs a language description and eng is the default setting in Mp3tag.

I just need original database from lyric, do not add another language description.


See Mp3tag does not add eng to an existing lyrics tag, it is already there.
But other programs do not show that part of the tag, Mp3tag does.

er.....When I edited and sent to iPod. "Eng||" char are still shown.

Is there any way to deleted "smartly"? I don't know what "action" is competent for it.


Why does it say MP4 (MP4) in your screen shot? That means it is no mp3 file.
Do you convert the file to aac/mp4 and copy the tags with Mp3tag?

yes, I copied whole Id3 information from Mp3 files.

Excepting Lyric , another are perfect.

Ok, the lyrics field in mp3 and mp4 is different, in mp4 there is no language description.
But if you copy the tags from mp3 the description is also copied.

So to delete it, I would use
Convert > Actions

Action type: Replace
Original: eng||

Or Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: ^eng||
(This deletes only at the beginning of the tag.)

THX U very much! I got it!

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