[X] M4A files are smaller after saving with Mp3tag

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An example with another MP4 audio file:

Please consider.

I doubt that a missing feature is a bug. I would have expected this post just like the original one in the section "general discussion".
I also doubt that the iTunes way is really the only way - or could be considered to be a bug just as well.
Fascinatingly, other use complain about the opposite effect: that the padding seems to stay the same
(see Remove Artwork and filesize stays the same
So i do not understand the point of the argument. What would be the benefit to keep the padding? I can only see the waste of disc space.

If Mp3tag can't be sure that it handles files 100% correctly, then it should keep the padding -- whatever reason it is.

That will make M4A files edited with Mp3tag "feel" they are not altered.

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