[X] Manual sorting files in listview

Version 2.80

Manual sorting in listview does not work correctly anymore if you try to move a file down with ALT-Down.
As soon as you reach the last file to be seen in the window moving further down does not scroll in the list.
The file is put at the final end of all files.
Scrolling up is still functial.

I don't know exactly how long this bug is present and with which version it was invented. I think it has to be version 2.80 because I work quite regularly with MP3Tag and I have not noticed this bug before.
I crosschecked this behaviour in an old installation with version 2.75a and there the bug did not occur.

Maybe this wrong behaviour came with fixing the scrolling bug in websources in version 2.80.

Are you referring to the file list in Mp3tag's main window? I've just tried to reproduce this issue without any success. Scrolling works as intended while moving file(s) via [Alt+Down].

Can you give more information or can anyone else reproduce this issue?

Kind regards
– Florian

I cannot reproduce that either.
I have just tried it with an ordinary list (no filter) and one with filter.
I have tried it in the middle of the list and at the end.
The files move.

There seems to be some inconsistent behaviour.
Yes, I talk about the main windows.
ALT-Down moved the file till the end of the window but not further.
When dropping the file there the file landed at the end of the list, that exceeded the window.
I closed Mp3Tag and started it again: The behaviour stayed.
I closed Windows (Windows 10) and started again: The behaviour stayed.
The files in the windows did not scroll down but moving up scrolling did happen.

After reading your answer I started MP3Tag now again and the behaviour is like it should be:
The windows scolls down.

Edit to clearify:
With ALT-Down I meant ALT-Mouse-moving-down
When I reached the end of the window but not yet the end of the files the content of the windows did not scroll.
At the moment I cannot reproduce this.

Final statement:
I can not reproduce this behaviour all the time.
I sometimes happens, most of the time not.
Restart of Mp3Tag often helps, sometimes not.

I normally have placed the tag-panel at the bottom and not on the left side.
Resizing the tag-panel at the bottom helps sometimes.
I could not reproduce this behaviour with the tag-panel on the left side, but as this is not my regular way to use MP3Tag this might not have any statistical power.

I can get a sort of reluctant scrolling:
I rearranged the MP3tag window so that the tag-panel is at the bottom. But further tests showed that this does not really matter.

I alt-right-clicked a file in the top half of a list that does not fit the window (so scrolling is mandatory).
I moved the mouse-cursor towards the bottom of the window.
If I do it slowly, scrolling starts more or less immediately.
If I overshoot the bottom of the window and the mouse cursor is not in the file list any more, the scrolling stops.
It can be reactivated by moving the mouse cursor slowly into the area of the file list again.

THe alt-key and the left mouse button are pressed down all the time during this procedure.

I observed a similar behaviour in Excel when scrolling through lengthy spreadsheets (and copying a formula) ...

No problems occur when operating the keyboard or using a mousewheel.

Yes, it sometimes is reluctant and I know to get over this by moving a little bit up and down.

But when the behaviour I wrote about occurs, it is not only reluctant but the scrolling of the window-content does not work at all. In spite of this the dropped files will be inserted far more down.

I too get the chopping effect [have to constantly move a little bit up and down]

Aside from that- no other problems

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