[X] Mapping failure on ALBUMARTIST

To solve the long-standing issue of the existing UI property BAND not showing FLAC ALBUMARTIST. http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/7374/picf.png ...

... I added a mapping rule "VorbisComment ALBUMARTIST BAND"), and it works as far as BAND display is concerned, but silently breaks the display of %albumartist%, causing it to falsely show null. http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/1950/picvh.png

This seems like a bug.

Attempting to workaround this by adding a mapping "VorbisComment ALBUMARTIST ALBUMARTIST" fails - regardless of the order of the two mapping rules. http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/5581/picj.png

In fact even having the workaround rule without the problem rule (BAND) blanks the display of %albumartist%. http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/5721/piciq.png. This too seems like a bug.

The content of albumartist is now grabbed by BAND so no display in albumartist. Otherwise you'd think you had two tag fields.

If I would think that, I'd still think that currently - just one shows blank.

But two columns does not mean two tag fields. I already have multiple columns for a single tag field e.g. Album and EAN (taken by regexp from album).

And actually in this case I do have two tag fields - BAND (TPE2) and ALBUMARTIST - and the current mapping behaviour prevents me from showing which is active.

dano is right, marked as "No Bug"

Even the failure of "VorbisComment ALBUMARTIST ALBUMARTIST" ??

Yes, adding multiple mappings for one field simply makes no sense.

It makes sense to me because it is the only way for me to see which file field a UI field value came from.

Not even Advanced Tags shows the file field.

Unless you know another way?

Yes, the format-specific field name is then not visible anymore (which is by intention, since you want to have one field name for a specific field regardless of the format-specific field names).

Actually I don't. I want to have one field name for all formats where required and still have format-specific names where required.

Florian, I have to ay I think this mapping implementation is misconceived. It would be better to map in the reverse direction - EDIT: each UI field name from a single file field name (for each format). Just like the current column label maps onto a single editable UI field. This would allow what is currently needlessly disallowed, and correctly disallow what is currently accepted but non-operative - multiple file field names (for the same format) onto the same UI field name. And thereby not break existing functionailty of the previous version. I hope you'll consider this change.

Yes, on this way I understand intelligent functional field mapping.
One UI field for all different tag formats, simple 1:n mapping.
All power emanates from the user, not from the tag format. :wink:


Yes, on this way I understand intelligent functional field mapping.
One UI field for all different tag formats, simple 1:n mapping.

Sorry Detlev, I was unclear. I have edited my post to clarify.

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