[X] minor imperfection in Vobris Tag editor

Mp3tag 2.43c doesn't correct vobris field names to uppercase.
Mp3tag (like most software players) can read vobris field name in any case, but it didn't correct vobris field according to vobris standard filed name examples to uppercase.
I notice this problem when my iRiver LPlayer didn't read some tags.
Primary tags were created by unknown software.(I downloaded that album).

Example from file "Anima Noir.flac":
TITLE=Anima Noir <-- recognize
ALBUM=Anima Noir <-- recognize
Artist=Theatres Des Vampires <-- not recognize (should be ARTIST)
Genre=Gothic Black Metal <-- not recognize (should be GENRE)
Date=2008 <-- not recognize (should be DATE)

But in case of recreation(not edition) of tag field - everything works fine.

However vobris spec claims case-insensitive but standard tags placed in uppercase.
Possible this is not bug, but mp3tag creates filed names in uppercase so it should also correct field names to uppercase. (and for better hardware compatibility)

There have been many discussions on this before (mainly because the Vorbis Comments specification does not restrict you to using upper-case field names only). Some users prefer upper-case field names while other like the capitalized naming scheme (especially when using programs that directly displays those field names).

I decided for flexibility and created an additional option for the Case Conversion action that allows for case conversion also on field names.

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But then another problem.
"extended tags" shows every tag in uppercase, so I don't know, are they in uppercase for real or not.
Example with the same track(using Mp3tag2.43d and WinAmp):

Or should I start another topic for this?

Just run the action to be sure that all field names are stored in upper case.

And also, after executing "Case Conversion action", case conversion didn't influence "Date" and "Tracknumber" filelds.

while "artist" and "genre" were successfully converted.

Mm, yes. These fields are mapped to their Vorbis equivalent at another layer -- I'll see if I find a way to address this.

I used "Case Conversion action" to all vobris tag fileds listed
and in addition to "Date" and "Tracknumber" there is same problem for "Organization".
For the rest fields "Case Conversion action" works fine.

Waiting for Mp3tag 2.43e :slight_smile:

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