[X] missing comments in flac files

I've noticed that many FLAC files don't display comments properly when opened in Mp3tag. Looking at the metadata, Mp3tag will display a comment when it is declared as COMMENT=.

From what I've learned, FLAC uses the 'vorbis comment' metadata spec. According to the docs for this:

"Comments" are actually declared as DESCRIPTION= in the vorbis comment spec. This is the same tag I've seen in many flac files, but unfortunately Mp3tag seems to ignore DESCRIPTION fields in flac files. It should be trivial to support DESCRIPTION fields as "comments" in the interface.

I should add, this is in the latest version (and prior), v2.38.

Verified this is still an issue in 2.39. Could a mod please adjust the subject to include the version string please?

COMMENT seems to be de facto standard so it's fine.

Go to mp3tag options and add DESCRIPTION as a field under Tag Panel and I think you will be quite happy... :wink:

There is no technical correlation between comment and description fields.

May I ask what qualifies it as the "de facto standard"? The reason I made this discovery in the first place was that I was encoding files to flac using a standard ripper/encoder, and it used the DESCRIPTION tag.

Furthermore, if you look at the specification I gave above, "COMMENT" doesn't even exist. I would assume it's been carried over by some applications to support ID3 tags being converted to FLAC (or because the developers didn't bother to read the spec first), but it's not actually a native field. I don't care if COMMENT remains, but I think for a product whose entire purpose is to read metadata from these files, it's a bit silly to refuse to honor the metadata straight out of the format spec. Is it really so hard to change 'if tag = comment' to 'if tag = comment || description' in the code?

As the link you gave in the first post clearly says - the field names mentioned there is only a proposal, and none of them have to be used at all. I think by "de facto standard" is meant that most people are using the comment field for what you seem to be using the description field for. But as I see it, that choice is up to the individual, and there is no right or wrong. One field called "description", another called "comment", and a third called "gnällspik" are different things, all completely perfect to use at the same time, and you put in them whatever you want, preferably different values... That is what I meant with that there is no technical correlation between comment and description fields.

If you want easy access in mp3tag to the description field, do as I suggested above.

This really uses a lot of words to say nothing, at least in terms of what I've already written. I'm aware that some people use "comment," and I don't care that it's supported... I already said I am fine with that. My point breaks down very simply, and if you want to argue with me, at least try to address what I've written rather than just rambling on in various directions:

A) 'description' is a published recommendation. You don't have to support only that, but being that it's recommended by some folks who are involved, probably means it's a good thing to tack on.

B) 'comment' is not published anywhere in terms of flac (that I know of), and yet it's supported here without question. Your own argument works against you, because apparently if enough people use "gnällspik" you'd support that too. By all means keep it, but not exclusively.

C) It's a trivial addition from a programming point of view... I can think of no reason not to support the 'description' field natively in the code. I don't care that there's a workaround, there shouldnt need to be a workaround. Why? See point A.

You say the choice is up to the individual, yet you do not give them a choice. You admit it's a recommendation, yet you say it's of less merit than something not recommended. You claim that you would have to support any tag that people make up, and yet that's already effectively what you're doing. I think its outright silly that I even have to make such an extensive argument for something this simple, but apparently no one who has responded takes the format very seriously.

I could not get that to work (perhaps because I don't understand exactly how to use the Tag Panel option (e.g., what should go in the Name: field? -- the Help is not very specific) -- I'm pretty new at tweaking tags). (I also tried to add a column to display/edit Composer, but can't get that to work either.)

I ilike Mp3tag v2.39 because it is the easiest tool I have found for editing the Comment field for all songs on a ripped CD (for Greatest Hits CDs I like to put the year the song was released and the name of the album on which it originally appeared on in this field).

I rip CDs using WMP11 (it is trivially easy to use and, of the few programs I have tried, it seems to do the best job of correctly identifying all of the tracks for all CDs -- some programs are terrible for obscure titles, but WMP11 has not failed yet). I rip to WMA Lossless (for archival purposes) since that's the only lossless format it supports (short of WAV), and then edit the Comment tags for each song with Mp3tag. (I also sometimes want to edit the Composer field because the downloaded AMG data does not agree with the printed liner notes, but have not been able to get that to work in Mp3tag and so have to do it in WMP11.)

Then I use dBpoweramp Music Converter (v12.3) to transcode to FLAC for my Sonos players (which do not support WMA Lossless) and to WMA CBR192 for use in portable players and in my car. But the Comments in the .flac files do not display in Mp3tag. But if I use dBpoweramp MC to transcode the .flac files to WMA CBR192, the Comments in the resulting WMA files DO display in Mp3tag (i.e., they made it all the way from the WMA Lossless files through two transcodings, but they're just not visible in Mp3tag for the .flac files). Since the Windows Explorer extension that dBpoweramp installs will show the Comments for all file types (but only for one file at a time), I don't see why Mp3tag should not as well.

What should help you is looking at the tags with menu "View > Extended Tags..." [Alt+t]
You see all tags that Mp3tag can display and also the field names that Mp3tag uses.

Tag Panel:
Field: Enter the tag field you want to edit. Use same name as seen in "Extended Tags"
Name: This is only the caption of the new edit box. Enter anything you want.

Name: Caption of the column.
Value: This is what you see in the column
Field: This is what you edit in the column

If you want to make a column that is editable, Field: must be filled. You take the name from "Extended Tags" and surround it with % I.e. %composer%

dbpowerAmp also should have an option to change from Description to Comment:
"disable mapping of vorbis comments" or sth like that.

Excellent! :slight_smile: That's much better now -- I now have editable Description and Composer columns. Thanks for explaining how to use this wonderful tool.

Since dBpoweramp does not have such an option, I need to have both a Comment and a Description column if I want to be able to view these tags in WMA and FLAC files. I agree with Cyber Dog that it would be really nice if there were a way to make the DESCRIPTION values appear in the Comment column if there is no COMMENT tag in the file, but this is nit-picking. This is the best ID3 tag editor by far!

Regarding Cyber Dog's request for a mapping of the FLAC/Vorbis DESCRIPTION tag to display in the Comment column of Mp3tag, I found this in the dBpoweramp forum (http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=12591):

dBpoweramp maps these tag names:

label to Organization
Year to Date
Comment to Description
Conductor to Performer

If your program does not read those tags and correctly map back to a good value, then ask the developer why (example Description should become comment if the program has a standard comment field).

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