[X] Missing some tags when adding directory

When I use tool "add directory" the files are imported/displayed, but some tags are missed.
I.e. tag field is empty... :astonished:

When I open in other program/application - I see that the tags are available!
What is the problem? Why the program do not import/display some tags??? :frowning:

What do you mean by

A tag can have fields ...
Check the settings of your installation of MP3tag in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg

and see which tags versions you read. Perhaps the information is stored in APE tags and you have set to not read them.

O.K. Maybe I was not so precise...
See screen attached - upper part is from "mp3tag" bottom part from other program.
Look on the file/track no. 33.
In "mp3tag" it is EMPTY. Also the track no.

In other program - no problem...

What your dump also proves is that MP3tag works ok as it reads the other files. So it would be nice if you could find out what is the difference between file no 33 and the others.
Perhaps you have an added id3 tag that is empty and no vorbis comments ...

Take a backup copy of the file and cut the tag and see if information appears that you have been missing. Repeat the cutting until no tag data is there any more and try to write it with MP3tag.

I do not see any difference which could point me to find the problem...
Probably there is a real bug in the program preventing from reading certain files.

The only difference I see are: file size (the problematic file is even 50% "smaller" than other files in directory), file name, track/title name.

P.S. Why this file opens without problem in "Tag&Rename"???

What about the cutting tags? It could be that you have stacked tags and one of them is empty.

Well... But I still do not understand - why for example even in MS Windows Explorer,
when opened "Audio Properties", this file is displayed correctly...

As Ohrenkino already said above

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