[X] missing tracks

I have one folder that has 804 mp3 in it. The next largest folder has around 150 mp3 files. The larger folder does not display the track numbers any longer. The track numbers do display under Windows 7 64. It used to work fine, but sometime in the past month this particular problem has cropped up. Is there a file limitation number for folders?

I added a single file with a track number already in it and that single file out of the 800+ shows up with a number while the others do not. Yet they all show up in Windows. If I edit within MP3Tag the track number appears and is saved for the next time.

No, 800 files is not the file limit - and why should the track numbers disappear if such a limit is reached.
The rest is very hard to believe.
Where is the bug? If you save a track number with MP3tag it stays there ... so what do you expect?

Which program does not display the track numbers?
With what other programs do you treat the audio files?
What kind of tag versions (flac, APE, IDv2, IDv1) do you use?
Are we talking about the tag data or the filename?

Mp3tag does not show the tag data for "track" numbers, Windows 7 does. I have renumbered all the tracks again using MP3Tag so everything is back to normal. I don't understand why the track numbers were visible in Windows but not MP3tag. No other programs are used for the tag data. I'm using ID3V2 tags. I'm not blaming Mp3Tag for the problem...just trying to understand WHY it happened. Mp3tag is great!

i can only guess.
So I start guessing that it could be that you have other tag versions in the files and these tag versions overwrite IDv2 data. APE for instance overrules V2.3.
If you still have such a file without the track number could you check if the tag version shows something else than V2.3?

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