[X] Mixed Case Conversion

I find that mixed case conversion doesn't upper-case the starting letter if it is preceded by a symbol. For example, I frequently add "[Remix]" to the end of song titles. If I run a case conversion on "song title [remix] it will change to "Song Title [remix]".

I believe this also happens for hyphens and '. There may be other undesirable characters that are not being seen as non-word characters.

For actions case conversion:


"The field Words begin after any of specifies some characters which are marking the beginning of a new word."

For scripting case conversion:


Command: $caps(string,...)

Example: $caps(%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%)
This example converts the given string to normal case. The second parameter is optional and specifies additional characters that triggers upper case.
artist - ALBUM - 01 tItle converts to Artist - Album - 01 Title

Thanks - I didn't notice that config item.

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