[X] Move .MP4 Files

I think i found an error.

Command (button) Move (Verschieben)

  • .mp3 works fine

  • .mp4 If i move the files to another Folder, they stay on Screen

--> refresh - files are moved

Unfourtanely i Tagged 1200 Video-Files. After Moving, i marked and deleted them, because they are still visible.
The program delete the files then in the target Folder....i lost all tagged Video-Files...

If you are using the button "move" (verschieben), the files have to be gone of the Screen. Bevore that was working fine,
with this Version, ist not working properly.

Noch kurz in Deutsch.

Befehl verschieben (knopf)

  • .mp3 geht tadellos
  • .mp4 Files - nach dem Gebrauch des Knopfes verschieben, bleiben die Files sichtbar, für mich sieht es aus, als ob sie weiterhin im "source" Pfad sind.
    Ich wunderte mich und gebrauchte den Befehl löschen. Dann werden allerdings die frisch verschobenen MP4 Files im Destinationpfad gelöscht. Habe so 1200 Videofiles
    (getagged) verloren.

Bitte - beim Verschieben müssen die verschobenen mp4 Files vom Screen verschwinden. Aktualisieren hilft zwar (dauert zum frisch einlesen), entfernen hab ich nicht getestet..

Note: No program is protected against incorrect operation by the user.
Hopefully the deleted files have landed in the basket and could be restored.

What files you see in mp3tag list view, that depends on which main work folder (subfolder tree) is selected with Mp3tag.
If you move files from within the current view within a subfolder tree, these files do not leave the current list view.
If you move files from within the current view to an outside folder, these files leave the current list view.

It can help to insert a column into the Mp3tag list view:
Name / Name: Pfad
Value (one line) / Wert (eine Zeile):

$ifgreater($len(%_path%),100, $regexp(%_folderpath%,'^(.+\\\\)(?:.+?\\\\){2}$','$1') $ifgreater($len(%_parent_directory%),22,$left(%_parent_directory%,10)'**' $right(%_parent_directory%,10),%_parent_directory%)'\' $ifgreater($len(%_directory%),22,$left(%_directory%,10)'**' $right(%_directory%,10),%_directory%)'\' $ifgreater($len(%_filename%),50,$left(%_filename%,24)'**' $right(%_filename%,24)'.'%_extension%,%_filename_ext%),%_path%)

Field / Feld:
Sort by / Sortieren nach: $left(%_folderpath%$repeat($char(32),256),256)%_filename%


Hi Andreas,

you've probably moved only a subset of chapters from a multi-chapter MP4 file. Mp3tag updates the path of the remaining files/chapters, but it doesn't remove the files from the list.

Please also note the difference between Remove and Delete. The former simply removes files from the list (the option you might want to use in such cases), the latter actually deletes them.

Kind regards
– Florian

P.S. There is also a German-language sub-forum for bug reports: Fehlermeldungen

Hi Florian,

if i move mp3 files, they are removed from the source, and they are gone from the Screen, mp4 not. It makes no sense for me. But i found the solution. MP3 Tag does it well, when i start the program as Administrator, i have the same effect with mp4 like mp3 files.

I know now the difference between remove and delete :slight_smile: i say, it my error. unfourtanly i deleted the
basket, because i didn't realized that somethings wrong.I was confused for the Moment..

Hi thanks. I moved the mp4 files not in an subfolder, i moved them from my pc to my NAS. It couldnt be the Problem. See my comment below, it works fine, when i start the program as administator...

How do I run as an administrator Mp3tag with a selected playlist?

I have Mp3tg icon pinned down to Taskbar in Windows 7 x64. And I have pinned two playlists to that icon, why allow me to quickly access two main [but very different] set of files to work on. If I right click the Mp3tag icon, I can right click again what is in the Pinned list and below it- and below is the Mp3tag icon. And that icon I "Open", "Run as Administrator", "Unpin from Taskbar" and also select "Properties". But how do I "Run as Administrator" a M3U8 file from above? Should the checkbox at the
Properties > Advanced > Run as administrator
do the trick?

Unfortunately for me running as an administrator does not change the behavior- moved MP3 files simply disappear from the list

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