[X] mp3 comment enter characters wrecked


I was editing the names of a group of mp3s one at a time and
I checked to see the changes while I played them in winamp
and I noticed the comment had been changed in every file so
that every enter character is now a box looking character and
I must now go through each file in winamp and delete the box
character and re-enter each enter character. Mp3tag is a great
software tool for which I am grateful. Thanks, bye.


Seems like Winamp has problems with linebreaks expressed by a single Line Feed (0A) character and expects a Carriage Return (0D) followed by a Line Feed.

Mp3tag can read both and I decided to write LF only (to be more compatible with non-Windows environments).

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This has now been changed in the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.41a.

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