[X] MP3 fields update problem

After I update a field for example a title it is not being changed properly and still is read by audio programs with no difference, but it seems to be updated when I check through the file info. For some reason if I open file info on winamp and just resave it without any change it finally starts to read as it should. I have tested few fields and it's all the same, not sure if I do something wrong.

This is my first post, sorry if any problems.

if you use a program as player that has an internal database or a database in the background you have to invoke an update of that database to see the changes.
If you see the modfied data in Mp3tag, you can be sure that it is stored in the file.
It may be easiest to delete the entry from the player (without deleting the file) and then reread it.

Could you specify where you see the bug in Mp3tag?

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