[X] MP3 file with ID3v1 + ID3v2 + APE - only ID3 is updated

I have an MP3 file with ID3 and APE tags, the APE tag being right in front of the ID3v1 tag at the end of the file. Mp3tag says "ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4 APEv2)" as the tag type for this file, but when editing some strings, only the ID3 tags are updated. The original APE strings remain visible in other applications.
Edit: I think the issue may be that by default I have set up Mp3tag to just write out ID3 tags. In this case, not deleting other that may override ID3 tags in some external application is somewhat unfortunate. There should probably be an option to automatically remove existing tag types if they are configured not to be written out.

The best thing to do is to remove all the extra tags and only have one tag type in the file. I use ID3v2.3 myself (most compatible with all players I've found).

In mp3tag > tools > options > tags >mpeg:

read: tick all tag types
write: id3v2, id3v2.3 UTF16
remove: id3v1, ape

Then load up all your files in mp3tag, select all, and SAVE them all (just to be sure all is written/saved), this is the disk icon to the far left on the icon bar at top. Then after they are saved, click the big red X to the right of the save icon. This will remove the tag types that you ticked under the remove options. Using my choices above, you'll be left with only one mp3 tag (id3v2.3 UTF16).

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