[X] Mp3 Files are loaded since shell explorer in no sort oder

As see in image, many files are load in no sort order

Explain mi work mode...

  1. Select all mp3 files inside one folder (normally one CD-Album)
  2. Right click button mouse
  3. Mp3Tag Option in explorer context menu
  4. The mp3 files are loading in mp3tag, but without sort order

In version 2.38 mp3files are loaded in correct sort order... the bug start since version 2.39.
In my perfil show "2.38" for this reason... back to this older version, because this bug disturb very much my work.

Can you please provide a screenshot of View > Columns with the Nombre de archivo column selected?

Hmmm... I don't found exactly, but...

Maybe this be what you need.

I back to install again 2.39b for take the screenshots, but now see some changes in Mp3Tag, sometimes in the moment of load mp3files only load 3 or 4 mp3 files then auto-refresh and load the 3 or 4 mp3files (next in alphabetical order)... this are repeat to terminate mp3files.

Sometimes the files are loaded in no-sort order (like explain before).

Can you please try to add %_filename% at Ordenar por.

Yes, I add %_filename% at Ordenar por (Sort by), at the moment don't have any problem with the sort-order, at the moment to load the files, the sort is perfect.

For now, don't have more problems with the partial load of mp3 files, very thanks for you help Florian.

For my tests, ever work with Windows Explorer.

Sadly not can helped with money, for economic problems (my situation is not very good), but I offer me for any translation English-Spanish that you need (my english on software is much better that this), or any software test (beta versions, etc).

The Best Regards for you :slight_smile:

Tip for any Directory Opus User:
For load all folder music content on mp3tag:

  1. Right click on Toolbar
  2. Customize
  3. Inser New//New Button

Then proceed in this way

Replace "Prog.Path" for "Program Files" "Archivos de Programa" or the path where you install Mp3Tag.

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