[X] Mp3tag 2.46a crash under Wine (Linux)

I'm running 2.46a on Linux under wine (never had any problem until now). V 2.45a worked perfectly.

When I try to modify a field in the right panel, mp3tag crashes. I can edit the item, when I press return to finish a window open which says: An unexpected error occured/ Would you like to save a diagnostic file?....

Seems to happen in any field (tried title, album and artist). I get the crash if I press enter or click elsewhere.

Modifications in the left panel work fine.

Mp3tag.dmp (31.3 KB)

Which version of Wine are you using?

Wine 1.1.31
Ubuntu 9.10 - all up to date

Can you please update Wine to the latest version (it's 1.1.42) and check whether the problem persists?

I've tried to reproduce it with 1.1.35 and everything worked flawlessly.

Sorry it took so long, was finally able to try wine 1.1.42. (Ubuntu 10.4)

Everything looks fine.


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