[X] MP3TAG adds random whitespaces to embedded cover art

As the topic title says ....

I have added a screenshot, so that you can see ... In the right panel is the original file, in the left one the file that has been tagged by MP3Tag (I only changed one letter in the artist name and saved the tag with MP3Tag).

You can barely see the difference, but the lines where the whitespaces are, are highlighted and the whitespaces are the red dots in the left panel:

You are probably using ID3v2.4 tags so this is called "Unsynchronisation" a feature of the ID3 standard. No bug.

Oh, I see. I just looked on the net.

I always took for granted that synchronisation refers to id3v2 and v1 tags being identical (as far as the common fields are concerned), but apparently I was wrong ... (?)

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