[X] Mp3tag can't change some mp3's tags

Sometimes I stumbe upon mp3 files that can't be changed by Mp3tag.
I handle such files by foobar2000 (v0.8.3).
After processing in foobar2000 files become changable by Mp3tag too.

I hid TAG column years ago, so I didn't see that problem is in Ape tags.
I supposed that unchecking "Write Ape2 tags" and checking "Remove Ape tags" would be enough to clear Ape tags while saving changes.
Seems to be separate "Remove tag" action is unavoidable.
Not very intuitive, imho, but at least now I know how to use Mp3tag properly )

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Didn't find how to do it.

I would like to re-raise this as current way of removing tags is both not intuitive and not straigthforward.
We have Read, Write and Remove tags settings within the same preference window.
ID seems to be preferred over APE during reading, so one never knows whats in other tags without changing settings and re-reading tags. Might be APE content is better than that of ID, but that is another story.
In general, I do not want to write APE tag to MP3, so my setting is not to write APE tag. If MP3 files already contain APE tag, APE tag is not updated, but also not removed as I set in preference, so in players like XMPlayer I still see old APE tags. To remove APE tag, I have to go to File -> Remove tag. Based on that preference window, I would expect MP3Tag to read tags and upon saving first remove tags that are set to be removed and then save tags that should be saved. As it does not work this way, I have to check tag types of each album and manually remove tags, when APE is present.
If there is serious reason not to remove tags upon saving, can we have at least Action for Remove tags that we could include into Actions set?

Where is the bug? If you want to suggest a new feature, please use the "General" section.

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