[X] mp3tag crashed

Mp3tag crashed and created a Mp3tag.dmp.
I just clicked away the error message so i don't know where to upload the dmp-file.
I searched the forum an found out that so uploaded his dmp-file. So I'm doing that now, too.
I'm sorry but I cant remember what I made before Mp3tag crashed and therefore I can't reproduce the bug. At least some information about my os and used mp3tag: My os is Vista SP2 and I use Mp3tag 2.44.
Greetings and thx 4 the great software

Mp3tag_dmp.txt (84.6 KB)

Thanks for the crash report!

Unfortunately, I cannot directly infer what caused the crash from the report (the callstack is unfortunately empty). I'll move that post to "No bugs" simply to keep this section of the Forums organised.

Kind regards,

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