[X] MP3Tag crashes when trying to retag a strange file

I experienced a bug two days ago ; I already reported it to Florian via Email, but I describe it here too.

It comes apparently from a corrupted file that I've downloaded with Azureus, among others.
This file is unplayable, undeletable (neither in Windows Explorer nor MP3Tag) and the balloon tip in Explorer shows no information, I can't even use Unlocker to erase it.
But it's present, I can see its size, its tags, its length...
MP3Tag v2.40 crashes when I try to retag the file, and shows me an error message when I try to delete it ("Cannot delete file", then "Can't delete the selected files").
It also can't be relaunched without crashing... I need to restart Windows.
With the latest build (v2.40d), it still crashes but I can relaunch it just after without any problem.
I'd like to send you the file in question, but I can't ; its can't be used, moved, deleted...

Can you send me the error log file Mp3tagError.log that it created? Have you also contacted the Azureus developer?

Do you think it could be a download problem?

I can't find the error log...

If the application that created this file was Azureus and the file show this weird behavior, it sounds very reasonable to me to ask whether it's a known problem or not.

You can find it at %APPDATA%\Mp3tag (just paste this path to 'Start > Run...')

Edit : Okay, I will contact a developer tomorrow.

Concerning the error log, I'm trying to get MP3Tag to crash, but it doesn't want anymore.
It's perfectly stable now... (-_-)

I mark this as "No Bug" now and re-open it if needed.

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