[X] MP3Tag crashes with Windows Magnifier


I've been a user of this software for years now and while it is truly excellent, there is a long standing bug that I hope will be addressed.

I use Windows Magnifier (it's an Accessibility tool built into the XP) and have it configured to use a portion of the top of my screen.

Here's how to reproduce the crash:

  • Start Windows Magnifer
  • configure it to use the top one quarter of your screen
  • exit Magnifer
  • start MP3Tag
  • either maximize it or have it use a portion of the screen normally occupied my Magnifer
  • exit MP3Tag
  • start Magnifer again
  • start MP3Tag again
  • Boom!

Most other apps will allow Magnifer to push them down out of the screen area it occupies but MP3Tag does not do this. The result is a crash in MP3Tag. As I make extensive use of Magnifer and hate to have to load and unload it (I am recently visually impaired), this is a pain in the butt.

I hope this can be addressed.


As soon as I've noticed your continued 4 stars reviews at BetaNews, I've tried to address this issue - without success. I've posted at the MSDN forums and asked for help, but never got a response. I've also noticed that this issue is fixed with Windows Vista, so I tend to blame the XP version of the Windows Magnifer.

Sorry, but at the moment this will remain an open issue.

Thanks for your quick reply. Your proggie is a part of my so-called "Essential Toolkit" and I have used it for years with considerable satisfaction. :slight_smile: I'm sorry that this cannot be resolved and I have no plans to ever migrate to Vista (I prefer my AMD AM2 6000+ with 4Gb RAM to actually run FAST :slight_smile: ). I guess I'll just keep switching back and forth.

Cheers and Be Well!

PS: You'll continue to receive a minimum of FOUR stars because your proggie simply Rocks!

Thanks a lot for the 5 stars rating! :slight_smile:

You darn well deserve it!

Also, I put the blame where it squarely rests: Micro$haft.

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