[X] Mp3tag does not find help file


I'm trying to access help in mp3Tag and it reports it can't find the help file.

Can you help me?


No, I get the same error with a fresh installation of MP3tag V2.59b. It claims that the syntax for filename, folder or volume are illegal.
Also, the call of the help file does not open a web browser but the notepad.

If you want to see the help you may use the link
in your browser.

Can you please describe the following:

  1. Which web browser are you using as default?
  2. Which Windows version are you running?
  3. What happens if you double-click the file index.html in Mp3tag's help folder?
Kind regards Florian

Browser = Firefox 30.0
Windows = 8.1
doubleclick index.html: first time: dialogue is offered to select application (Firefox or IE)
After that: help opens also from MP3tag

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8.1
There is no index file.
I'm pressing the mp3Tag Help Menu and after the Topics submenu.

After this the message appears.


as another data point, all works correctly for me and I'm using:

Browser: Firefox 30.0
Windows 7

So firefox 30.0 is fine....seems windows 8 vs 7 is the difference.

Things like this happen in Windows 8.1 sometimes with programs because Windows forgets it's default program for no identifiable cause.

Go the control panel and define the default browser once again.

Help Tools Not Working in Win 8.1

No, assigning the default browser again does not help.
And I have to revise my statement about the double-click.

I just installed 2.59c and although the double-click does open the (Firefox) browser and the explorer shows .HTML as Firefox document, any attempt to open the help file with F1 leads to an open Editor window plus the statement that the file/path syntax is illegal.

Did you really do it with Windows telling for which tasks firefox is default?

I use the german menue-items:

Systemsteuerung - Standardprogramme - Standardprogramme festlegen - links Firefox als Programm auswählen - Unten "Dieses Programm als Standard festlegen"

My experience is that even when the file-suffix (htm,html) is associated with a browser only telling windows that this browser is the default does the trick.
Don't ask me why.

Firefox reports that it is the default browser and a double-click on any htm or html files open Firefox. But may be your are right, you really have to do it again: set the browser as standard for all the types it can open ...
Fascinatingly, html does not appear in the list of extensions ...

I've tested opening the help file with various browsers set as default browser (namely IE, Firefox and Chrome) and it works as expected.

I think it's really a matter of correctly setting the default program and in case the help file doesn't open or opens another program (e.g., Notepad) the fix is to set the browser back as default.

I upgraded the software to the newest version it it began to work.

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