[X] MP3Tag does not open from context menu wheh multiple files are selected

As the title states, if I select multiple files from Explorer, then right click and select MP3Tag, nothing happens - MP3Tag does not open. If I do it when a single file is selected, MP3Tag opens normally. Anyone have any clues?

By the way, this started when I upgraded (in-place upgrade) to Windows 10, 64 bit.

I did not upgrade to W10 till now and can't test.
Perhaps this has something to do with a limitation already in W7 und W8 which should prevent you from opening too many files and now with W10 gets in conflict with mp3tag.
This known limitation in W7/W8 (which didn't affect mp3tag) was 15 files.

Try if you can open less than 16 files.

Mp3tag is a 32 bit application, ... and maybe ...
because the context handler of Mp3tag is made as a 32 bit application too, ...
this may not work in an Explorer 64 bit environment ???


But it works with W7 64 Bit and W8 64 Bit.

Regarding post ...
[X] MP3Tag does not open from context menu wheh multiple files are selected
... where i wrote ...

... then you have quoted me as ...

This makes some difference in what I was assuming and what I wanted to point out.


Thanks for your replies, gentlemen. I converted my office machine to Win 10 and MP3Tag opens normally with multiple files, so it's not a Win10/64 bit issue. And, at home, MP3Tag fails to launch even with only 2 files selected, so it's not a "too many files" issue. It would appear that there is something wrong with one of the other shell extensions. More digging is necessary.

Hi, did you ever solve this issue? I've now run into it. Thanks.

This utility won't solve the problem, but perhaps we can see if you have the right settings.
There is a utility available that scans for shell extensions: shellexview http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html

In this utility you can scan for mp3tag and see if the field
File extensions shows "*, Directory, Drive"

This should mean that any drive, directory or file is opened.
In the end, the file extension list in MP3tag (Tools>Options>Tags) determines, which files are displayed.
Please check your context menu in the Explorer to see which other programs might be interested in the selected files on the one and on the other computer.

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