[X] Mp3tag does not support Windows snap?


I use Mp3tag v2.77 on Windows 10 x64 Japanese edition.
But recently the computer is unstable cause I installed many 3rd party software.
Now I post this topic.
Does not Mp3tag support Windows snap? (left and right are NG. top is OK!)
Is there a man who can use this Windows snap feature? (left and right)
Other major softwares e.g. explorer.exe , iTunes x64 , Firefox x64 , foobar2000,,, have no problem.

  • Mp3tag v2.77 to D:\Dropbox\Application\Mp3tag\
  • Windows 10.0.14328 x64 ja-jp

For me personally I would not like for Mp3tag to Snap to the Left or Right as I want to place it freely on my screen, this completely depends which way I am editing my Music Files.

Maybe Florian could make it an "optional" feature (if that is possible) ?

Yes, I can.

You can disable this feature in the windows control panel.

hahaha thx it must haven't been enabled on my System as my Mp3tag never snaps :wink:


One question though just out of curiosity, why is it then, that the OP mentions that iTunes, Firefox etc do it but Mp3tag doesn't on his system ?

a) it snaps on my PC.

b: @Mike_nl: What is the point in asking user poster about the observations of another user? Wouldn't it be much more straightforward to ask the OP himself?

Thank you for replies.
I will do a clean install Windows 10 to same PC in few days.
And post result to here again.

If you do nothing it is enabled by default
Disabling needs an action of you.

As I said just wondering and Poster pointed out that setting, but you are right I should have asked him

1 hour ago I did clean install Windows 10.14332 to same computer and run mp3tag v2.77
Result : no problem, no bug
Windows snap is available with mp3tag.
A root cause is unknown.
Please move this topic to No bugs sub forum.

Thanks for your update on this!

Kind regards
– Florian

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