[X] Mp3tag interferes with Windows 7 Task Bar

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Windows 7 Home Premium and update fully
  2. Notice that some programs are automatically pinned to the Task Bar - usually IE, Windows Media Player, Windows Explorer and your default browser if not IE (i.e. Firefox)
  3. It is possible to open a Windows Explorer window by (a) clicking on the Task Bar icon or (:sunglasses: clicking in other places, e.g. Start Menu/Document.
  4. Install mp3tag
  5. The Windows Explorer icon in the Task Bar has been replaced by a white 'unknown document' icon. See screenshot 2.
    6a. If you try to click on that icon, you get an error box stating:
    "Can't open this item
    It might have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Do you want to remove this item?"
    6b. You can still open a Windows Explorer window by clicking in other places, e.g. Start Menu/Document.

Something that might be important:
I installed MP3tag using an administator account, but obviously :wink: I only run it in a User account.

Something that is not important:
The Task bar in screenshot 2 is vertical rather than the usual horizontal. That is not the problem.

Versions known to be affected: 2.54, 2.55a

Obviously I can't be completely certain that this is mp3tag related, but it appeared when I rebooted after my first ever installation of MP3tag (2.54). MP3tag itself runs without any problems, but I fear that this bug might cause other problems one day.

To me it looks as though many more things have gone wrong on your machine.
E.g. you have the Mozilla Firefox icon for MP3tag ...
If your right-click on the now empty link and look at the properties: where does that link point? It is not very common that WIndows does not find its Explorer any more.

It's kind of you to help, ohrenkino, but I don't think this is the problem. I started from a new hard drive a few months ago after the previous one died (praise God I backed up the day before!). Everything was fine until the day I installed MP3tag. The Firefox icon says "MP3tag" because this forum was open in Firefox! :slight_smile:

Good question. There are no properties. If you right-click, it works normally (see screenshot 3). It only seems to have a problem when you left-click.

Mp3tag 2.55a pins fine to the Windows 8 taskbar. I would try reinstalling Mp3tag...

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